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ACIL Allen Consulting

ACIL Allen Consulting


  • Acil Allen Consulting, one of Australia’s largest management consulting firms were confronted with a forthcoming lease expiry. After almost twenty (20) year of occupancy in the same building, and with an office that was too big for their current requirements AA needed help in analysing their options.
  • Acil Allen needed to understand the cost benefits of relocating versus a stay put in order to advise their board.
  • Acil Allen needed to understand what their ‘real’ space requirements were so they were not paying for unwanted office space.


  • Acil Allen exclusively engaged Caden on a ‘preferred agency’ basis.
  • Caden managed a coordinated and targeted market search, which identified a short-list of suitable relocation opportunities and the financial value of each.
  • An approach was made by Caden to Acil Allen’s current landlord who produced an extremely competitive offer to retain their tenant and counter any risk of them relocating.
  • Acil Allen relocated internally within 127 Creek St to a purpose built fit out specifically designed to suit their needs.


  • Cost Saving: Acil Allen reduced their annual rental costs by more than 30%!
  • Future Proof: Acil Allen’s rental costs are fixed for five (5) years and they have no make good at lease expiry.
  • Transparency: Daily and weekly communications, including updates in relation to all aspects of the search in and concise recommendations at every turn.