It's all in the planning

Case Studies


It's all in
the planning


  • The Australian Rail Track Corporation were provided Federal Government funding to progress a major inland rail project which would see their workforce more than double within the space of a few months.
  • ARTC could only commit to a seventeen (17) month initial lease term.
  • Strict protocols meant any potential properties had to meet the Governments selection criteria.


  • ARTC and their consultants were recommended to Caden and following an initial meeting, agreed to partner with Caden to run a search process.
  • Caden identified a select list of properties that specifically met Federal Government Leasing requirements, and offering flexible, short-term fitted out office space.
  • A lease was signed in 40 Creek St in a deal structured whereby the Landlord bore all risk associated with the cost of fit out design and modifications.


  • No-risk: ARTC had full visibility in terms of their expenditure for the entire seventeen (17) months of their lease.
  • Continuity: ARTC were able to move into their new premises prior to the official lease commencement date, which meant they could test their IT systems and ensure that there was no downtime associated with the move.
  • Security: Caden secured ARTC an entire floor that was not shared with other tenants. ARTC were therefore able to install their own security system which was critical given the confidentiality around the project.