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Figari - @workspaces

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Figari - @workspaces


  • When Figari, a leading provider of Serviced Offices in Manila, the world’s 2nd largest outsourcing hub, made a decision to expand into Australia under their @WORKSPACES brand (www.atworkspaces.com), they wanted to do it quickly and discreetly so their competitors were unaware.
  • They needed to partner with a leasing team that had a specialised knowledge of the serviced office market in Brisbane.


  • Caden were selected by @Workspaces as their exclusive leasing agents, and mandated to coordinate a confidential ‘off-market’ search.
  • Caden implemented their Tenant Engagement Strategy (TES) which established@Workspaces true requirements, and allowed for a targeted search of select properties that were fully aligned with their requirements.
  • @Workspaces will open their first Brisbane Serviced Office Centre in Australia at the Brookfield/Dexus owned 324 Queen St in mid 2016.


  • Future-proof: Caden negotiated a deal which provides@Workspaces with a guaranteed fifteen (15) years lease tenure, which is critical in future-proofing a serviced office business.
  • Confidentiality: The entire search process and lease negotiation was conducted amongst a few select key people. The wider market was unaware of what was happening.
  • Cost savings: @Workspaces are delivering an integrated fit out to coincide with the base building upgrade of the floor. This will generate cost savings (on fit out) for Figari of more than 15%.