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PGA Management


  • PGA Management, the owners of 40 Creek St, an A grade commercial office tower in Brisbane’s prime financial district were dealt a blow when a long-term tenant went into default, and subsequently vacated.
  • PGA engaged the leasing team from an international property services company to market the property (for lease), but during the proceeding six (6) months, there was not a single ‘live’ negotiation.


  • Seeking a new approach, a greater level of focus and more experienced personnel, PGA made a clean break from their previous leasing agents and appointed Caden O/L on a sole exclusive basis.
  • Caden designed, managed and implemented an entirely new leasing strategy for 40 Creek St. Importantly Caden advised PGA how to improve the presentation of the tenancy to create a greater level of engagement with prospective tenants.
  • The revised strategy created a solution for smaller tenants to take occupancy within the building, therefore increasing the number of target tenants.


  • Successful project outcome: The vacancy was fully leased to two high quality tenants.
  • Reduced lead times: The new leasing deals were struck within seven (7) months of the new leasing campaign being implemented.
  • High Quality Advice: Caden principle David Prosser lead the leasing campaign and applied his industry experience.