Thinking Big

Case Studies


Thinking Big


  • Due to significant growth Tupicoffs needed to double their office space
  • Tupicoffs were unable to relocate to another area within the building they occupied due to the building owners focusing on other types of tenants
  • After deciding on a fitted-out space that met their criteria, Tupicoffs made the decision they wanted to design their own fit out to suit the needs of the business
  • The change in requirements at a later stage of the leasing process required a quick turnaround to find non-fitted properties without compromising the time frame


  • Tupicoffs engaged Caden Office Leasing exclusively as their Preferred Leasing Agents to identify all relocation options.
  • Caden and Tupicoffs created a brief that outlined what Tupicoffs required in a tenancy which Caden used internally to scope suitable properties
  • Tupicoffs changing their mind about the fit out did not delay the leasing process due to Caden’s exclusive focus on the Brisbane CBD and detailed information on all leasing opportunities. A new shortlist was reverted to immediately, keeping the process moving forward without compromising the timeframes.
  • Tupicoffs entered into a lease agreement to relocate their workforce to 410 Ann St, increasing floor area by 46.73% with an total increase in costs of less than 20%.


  • Motivated Building Owner: Total incentive in excess of 43%
  • Workplace Culture: New Purpose-built fit out promotes a great company culture and collaboration
  • Timely: Assigning Caden as the Preferred Leasing Agents with our exclusive focus on the Brisbane CBD ensured that all appropriate buildings were considered and the leasing process kept moving forward at a timely pace, resulting in a very satisfied client